Financial Help for Everyone
securesecureWon’t affect your credit score.
Are you a Booster?
Help a Friend, Earn a Dividend
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Step 3
Receive your Lift
If you are approved, your Lift will be deposited into your bank account. We finalize your Lift as soon as we receive a commitment from your Booster or let you know your Lift terms without a Booster after 7 days.
Step 1
Request Lift
Let us know what you need, help us understand your financial picture and connect your bank account. It takes about five minutes without any paperwork. We don’t need to check your credit and it won’t affect your credit score at all.
Step 2
Add a Booster
Most people add a Booster to improve their chances of receiving a larger Lift. A Booster is a trusted friend or family member, or an organization like an employer, church or nonprofit group, who helps with your Pay It Forward Plan if you have difficulty in the first six months.
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triangleWhy LiftRocket?
We’re here to Lift you up
LiftRocket lets you meet life’s needs with help from a friend instead of a bank, paperwork or credit scores.
 Fix your car
 Pay your medical bills
 Replace your smartphone
There are times we could all use a Lift.
Fastest way to a Lift
check BoxBank account that you’ve been using for at least 3 months
check BoxReasonably good track record of managing your money, a hiccup like an overdraft or two is okay.
check BoxRecurring deposits from your job. More than one source of income is ok and the amounts can vary.
check BoxMost people add a booster too. Lifts with boosters qualify for larger amounts and get approved faster.