About Liftrocket
Our Misson
Financial help for everyone.
Does it make any sense that our digital economy produces all kinds of innovation yet millions of ordinary people still can’t find a better source of emergency funding than payday lenders and pawn shops? NOT TO US. Our mission is to return democracy to financial services.
our mission
our beliefs
Our Beliefs
We believe in financial fairness.
We believe in transparency.
We believe everyone deserves help when they need it.
More than a third of US households are denied access to credit from mainstream banks. LiftRocket helps households secure affordable, fair funding. Our goal is to enable our members to build a track record of responsible behavior that will help them qualify for better lending products. To us, success isn’t just making a profit, it’s providing people with the means to improve their lives.
Our Product
You’re a person, not a number.
We invented the Lift to be a safety net for your finances. You access the help you need, when you need it — and we seamlessly connect to the bank accounts that you’re already using on a daily basis. You can qualify for a Lift even when your bank won’t provide a loan and you can avoid the predatory rates and fees that some lenders charge when they know you don’t have a choice. And we don’t check your credit score.
our product
our model
Our Members
The reason we’re here.
First responders. Front line workers. The people who serve your meals, deliver your packages, and stock the shelves. Single parents, married parents, families of every kind. Soldiers, sailors, veterans. People trying to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table. The lights on and the car running. Your friends and neighbors. Salt of the earth. We’ll never quit as long as they need help.
Our Team
Dedicated to you.
Take one banker and one physicist turned hedge fund manager. Throw them together in a coffee shop and add a lot of caffeine. Add a few software engineers, a couple of talented designers, and a digital marketing whiz. Start off in a technology incubator. End up at home like everybody else under Covid. Tell your kids you’re spending their inheritance building a company to serve people banks don’t want. Keep going because you really believe in it.
our team
Our Model
Members First
The LiftRocket Company (officially LiftRocket LLC) is led and funded by its founders. We welcome nonprofits and financial institutions as partners to help us extend our reach and serve more members. Our goal remains to follow the model of organizations like USAA and Vanguard and deliver innovative products and services that serve their members’ best interest.