lift rocket

What is LiftRocket?

Friends and family support each other financially all the time. Think of how many parents have helped their children buy a car or a house Think of all the small businesses that got started with a hand from a friend. At LiftRocket ™, you can do the same thing with one big advantage – because we can track and recognize when you support or repay your friends, you can be rewarded you with increased access to funding down the road.

Is LiftRocket a Bank?

LiftRocket is different from a bank. Think of LiftRocket as a community where you and your friends are the bankers. In a regular bank, you give the bankers your money and then they decide where and how to lend it. Along the way, they spend a lot of your money on things like marketing and advertising, credit committees and fancy branches. At LiftRocket ™, our members are in charge. You decide who gets to join and who gets support and we don’t spend a penny on expensive bankers.

Who Should Join LiftRocket?

In the LiftRocket community, as long as you and your friends are committed to each other, your credit is good regardless of what the world outside thinks. That makes LiftRocket perfect for all kinds of people.

  • People who need a fresh start. If your credit isn’t perfect, you already know how difficult it is to borrow. You might have been turned down by a bank or forced to pay exorbitant rates to a payday lender.
  • People who are just starting out in life. It’s hard to have a good credit rating if you haven’t successfully taken out and repaid a loan yet or kept a credit card current long.
  • People who have non-traditional jobs. Say you can’t document all of your income, or you get paid irregularly. To your bank, that doesn’t count as income at all.
  • People who want a little extra security. Emergencies happen and it’s nice to have another source of funds. Sometimes your bank doesn’t back you up when the going gets tough.
  • People who want to help their friends and family get back on track, get ahead and stay ahead.

Want to learn more about LiftRocket? Read through our FAQ