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Turn a small contribution
from a friend into a big LIFT

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Stage 1

Get a Lift from people you know

Welcome to the Club!
Set up your first Lift and invite friends. Get starter contributions from 3 or more friends and the LiftRocket community will help you fund the full amount of your Lift request. We'll figure out the starter contributions for you automatically. For example, 3 starter contributions of $60 each will make you eligible for a Lift of $500. Complete a Pay It Forward plan in 6 months to help the community help other members and you'll move to Stage 2.

Stage 2

Your next Lift will get doubled

After completing your first Pay It Forward plan, your responsibility and community spirit gets rewarded. For your second Lift, we'll reduce the amount your friends and family need to contribute by half. We do the same for Lift contributors so they get rewarded too when they need a Lift of their own.

Stage 3

More Lifts means more funds.

We reduce your starter contribution requirements and increase the amount you can request on your next Lift every time you complete a Pay It Forward plan. You also get the same benefit every time you make a Lift contribution so you continue to get rewarded for supporting your friends.

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